VideoTECH Montana, LLC

Welcome to the online store. You can purchase Digital versions of live productions. For our current offerings please scroll down.

About VTMT

VideoTECH Montana, LLC is a small independently owned production company specializing in creative product marketing, branding and visual communications through video, print and digital media. We strive to deliver a rewarding working relationship that provides results for your business.  In addition to marketing communications services live event production has been a staple for many years.  Working closely with Alpine Theatre Project, Dance Elements and Noble Dance enables us to provide a real time snapshot and historical archive of the talent they nurture every year.  

About Me

Jake Cook,


Visual storytelling is what I love to do.  Mixing elements of video, audio, still imagery and sometimes animation allows me to help people market their businesses, promote their goods and services and create lasting positive impressions for their clients and customers.  I produce for a wide variety of clients which keeps me enthusiastic, positive and able to find a solution to virtually any project.